Gold Dead Men Don't Catcall Keychain


Functional key ring, clip, Dead Men Don't Catcall charm, star charm, and key blade.

Designed by Jen Bartel.

Gold metal finish, approximately 5" x 2", with two charms, key blade, key ring, and clasp. Packaged in a custom cardboard box with foam padding.


** Disclaimer **

Key blade is not sharp, can be used to cut paper, open boxes, etc. but it’s meant to be a decorative item, not a knife. This is not a toy, and not a weapon. The entire key length with letter opener out is about 4.75" / 12cm, the actual blade length is around 2" / 5.5cm

We strongly caution customers who live outside the U.S., specifically Canada, the U.K., and Australia, to consider not purchasing this item. Some countries do have strict importing laws regarding concealed blades. We don't want you to run the risk of having your item confiscated at the border.

Additionally, we recommend caution in using this keychain if you plan to travel to a sporting event, on a flight, to an amusement park, or other major event.

Regardless of our stated intention, we are aware that this item could be perceived as a weapon, and we don't want any of you to get in trouble.

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